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Ryan is easily the most competent agent that I have ever worked with. I have been involved in dozens of transactions both personally and professionally and have worked with a lot of agents/Realtors. I worked with Ryan on selling a house in Tucson that belonged my brother, who passed away. This turned out to be an incredibly complicated and difficult sale (and I’m an attorney who is used to complicated and difficult). We encountered issues with getting rid of hold-over tenants, attempted title fraud, probate filings, among many others. I am in Kansas City, so I had to lean heavily on Ryan to get anything done. Luckily for me, Ryan is reliable, diligent, and resourceful. He worked through all of the issues and came up with creative solutions to problems no one could have anticipated. He could have walked away any number of times, and I think almost anyone else would have. Ryan is a man of his word, and saw this through to the end. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

– Ben Hubbard

Ryan’s professionalism and experience and expertise in dealing with real estate transactions goes far beyond the 5-star rating given. In my particular situation, in dealing with the preparation for sale of my late-brother’s home, his understanding of the “big picture” and ins and outs of an estate sale, saved me countless hours of work, preparations, and dealing with the sale long distance. And if the savings in time and money weren’t enough, he saved my sanity when, at times, you think things could not be more frustrating. Ryan was consistently two steps ahead of any potential problems. I can not recommend Ryan highly enough if you are looking for a hard-working, experienced, and knowledgable realtor!!

– Rubin Azar

Ryan Comstock went above and beyond to sell my home. He was with me every step of the way and over communicated every process so I knew what was going on and what needed to be done. He took care of everything as I was in another state. His attention to detail was outstanding and if I could give him a higher rating I would! His experience and ability to take care of things is what stands him out above his peers! He understands someone who is dealing with loss and truly wants to help. If you are looking for a realtor please give him a chance!

– Lewis Roberts

My husband and I highly recommend Ryan Comstock. After my mother passed away, a number of realtors and investors contacted us about selling her home. At that point we had not decided if we wanted to keep the house, sell the house ourselves, sell to an investor, or list the house with a realtor. Over a period of several months Ryan would check in periodically to see if there was anything he could do to help us. He made himself available to answer any questions and concerns we had. He gave us recommendations for estate sales, housecleaners, and landscapers. He sent us comps for homes in my mom’s neighborhood. He did all this without being pushy about hiring him to sell the house. During this time, we developed a sincere and trusting relationship with Ryan which made our decision to list the house with him an easy one. During our conversations with Ryan, he shared his insight and expertise while at the same time listening to our insight and wishes. Ryan suggested that we list the house as “coming soon” since we wanted to clean the property before putting it on the market. We agreed and immediately had eight interested buyers. We accepted a cash offer for above the asking price with a 30-day close. Ryan kept us up to date on what was happening during the closing process which went very smoothly. The time from my mom’s passing up to the time we hired Ryan was sad and difficult (going through her belongings, the estate sale, junk removal, cleaning, uncertainty about how to sell the house, etc.). The process of selling the house once we listed it with Ryan was easier and quicker than we could have hoped for. Partnering with a knowledgeable and compassionate realtor like Ryan was the best decision we could have made. Thank you Ryan!!!

– Tammy Andreas

First time seller. I needed to sell my sons home because he passed. Even though we were paying the mortgage, the old mortgage company was giving us a hard time making us feel like they were going to take the house etc. Also had a very bad experience with the painter we hired did a horrible job had to rehire it out. First painter threatened to lein the house just awlful until Ryan came. He solved all our problems got a great handyman and roofer for us and sold the house within a month. So very…….pleased with Ryan, I will definitely recommend him to all my friends and family!!!! Can’t say enough about Ryan he was absolutely awesome.

– Linda Herring

I travelled from Georgia to be the Representative for my family’s estate. Ryan was about the fourth realtor to provide a proposal. He was more than perfect for the many challenges that we overcame. His knowledge of all areas of real estate enabled some very fast problem solving. Always available and his assistant Kendra also fantastic to work with. The communication was so smooth, one could feel like the only client. From beginning until the end Ryan gave 200% and still found time for laughter. Ryan Comstock is in a league of his very own.

– Otis Gowens

Ryan help us to sucessfully execute the sale of a trust estate property. The entire process was smooth overall and Ryan made sure to stay on top of the few items that always manage to creep up no matter how well you plan. Ryan was always readily available to respond to any questions or concers.

– Kenneth Maples

Ryan was the very resourceful and experienced Realtor I needed to help with an estate sale home in Port Orchard while I was 3,000 miles away. Through our many challenges, Ryan was able to provide us with a list of various contractors to complete necessary repairs and oversaw the work. He insured a very quick market time that produced several over asking price offers. Our time with Ryan concluded with a very smooth escrow process. Throughout our several month journey, Ryan was only a phone call/text away, kept us updated with every detail that arose, was very patient, supportive and always had our best interest at heart.


– Megan Berry

I can’t recommend Ryan enough. I interviewed 4 realtors to sell my grandpa’s house, and after 10 minutes of talking with Ryan I knew he worked woth more integrity than the rest. He was patient in working with my family and our timeliness. Helpful with lots of suggestions on getting the most money for our house. Smart with suggestions to save us the most money on cleanup and renovation. He had lots of fantastic contacts to help us get all the details buttoned up. Most importantly he pric3d our home right so that it sold quickly, with better terms and for more than we asked. Ryan Comstock is the man to call to sell a house. THANKS RYAN!!

– Ryan Liddle

I needed to sell my Aunts house after she passed, and the task seemed daunting – especially since I live a few states away! Ryan came in and took care of everything. He was an absolute pleasure to work with – I highly recommend using him for your house sale!

– Julie Swatosch

We picked Ryan for our sale after reading several online reviews about his expertise in estate sales. Ryan was professional and attentive from the beginning. We were selling the house as is and his price range was right on as we received a full price offer within the first week and had a backup offer again at full price within another day. His contacts in the community reduced the burden on me to get the house ready for listing as well as getting the required inspections done on to facilitate closing quickly. I would certainly recommend Ryan if you are looking for a realtor to sell your home.

– Jerry Kornish

After my mother passed away it took me a while to decide what to do with her home. When I decided to sell it, I heard from several realtors but Ryan was the only one who was straight forward, very professional, compassionate, gave me a lot of good advice, and not pushy at all. He was there to answer any questions I had. This was quite a learning experience and I’m so glad that I had the professional realtor that Ryan is, to help me through it. You’re awesome Ryan!! If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, I would strongly recommend giving Ryan Comstock a call. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results. One very happy customer!

– Matt Mattingly

I’ve never had the need for a realtor before, I got really lucky, the first one I called was Ryan. I needed to sell a house in three points I gained from an estate. It was a nice house, but no mansion, the location was the biggest obstacle. Not a lot of people want to live in the boonies and drive so far to get to anything. Ryan gave me an estimate of how long it would take to sell if it was in town. Well, he got it sold in that time frame despite the location. Besides that, he’s really a nice guy. If he can sell that house, in that place, he can sell any house anywhere.

– AC Echols

Ryan helped our family to sell 3 properties which were in probate. He is quite knowledgeable, has great communication, went the extra mile for us several times and was able to help us to realize top dollar. Great job, highly recommended!


– John Terry

Ryan was wonderful his knowledge was invaluable. The property sold quickly and at the price we wanted. There was a few hiccups on our part but he help us get thru them. If we ever need a realtor in the future we will definitely use him.


– Sandi Ryker

Ryan helped my cousin and uncle sell their house after my aunt died. My uncle can be difficult but Ryan was able to work with him and keep him happy. If I ever decide to sell my house i will definitely be using Ryan.


– April Rabe

Ryan was professional and courteous when we spoke telephonically on our first contact. He scheduled an appointment to meet with me at the property then he arrived on time with an open mind. He had researched the property but was very interested in my assessment. During this first meeting he gathered much information, replied but very little then asked for time to perform his due diligence and market research. We agreed to a meeting a couple days later in which he stated he would brief me on the market, the property and recommendations and alternatives. After our first meeting I was very encouraged with Ryan because of his professional demeanor; he did not promise the world or to work hard for me, he did not spout off about the market (boasting of his bona fides), he was quiet while he processed information and made assessments. His quiet, professional demeanor gave me great confidence that I had the right person during the first meeting that I committed to him exclusively before I heard his briefing.

His briefing exceeded my expectations. As a former military officer and airline professional, I have very high standards for briefings; that is the conveying of information with strengths, weaknesses, threats, risks, opportunities and recomendations in a factual manner. Ryan measured up to the highest standards. He provided several comparable properties, strengths, weaknesses and his assessment of the current market. It was an hour of education and confirmation for me, I was sorely ill-informed on the market as his educating was most beneficial and confirmed my assessment and confidence in Ryan. We quickly settled on an asking price and a strategy for marketing and selling the property. As events played out, Ryan was proven correct in each of his assessments and predictions, much to my amazement.

In the preceding year I have bought a home, sold a home, sold property and worked with real estate agents across the nation searching for a home, no agent has met the professional standards Ryan Comstock set in our contract. I have measured all real estate agents professionalism to Ryan, very few have measured up and none exceeded his performance.


– Robert Boyd

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